Core Aeration is A Must for Your Lawn

Lawn aeration is a very beneficial cultural practice that reduces soil compaction and controls thatch by removing finger-sized cores of soil from your yard. Core aeration allows nutrients, water, and oxygen to reach the root zone quickly and completely, promoting new growth and strong plant development.

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How Core Aeration Works

Over time, lawns start to suffer from soil compaction. When there’s less room for nutrients to seep through, nutrition becomes difficult. The solution is lawn aeration – adding free space to the soil, loosening it up.

Core aeration works by removing tiny plugs of soil from the surface layer, then scattering them over the top. The air, water, and nutrients start flowing through more freely, resulting in a healthier and stronger grass growth.

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Tim Brimmer

I would recommend Quality Care to anyone looking for a company to take care of their lawn. I’ve used several companies and have seen the best results with Quality Care at a competitive price. Their technicians are friendly, always close the gate when finished, and blow the driveway and sidewalks clean when finished. Their online account management is easy to use and very convenient. Also, I like the fact they email you the day before your service will take place and always ring the doorbell when they arrive and ask for permission. Very professional.

Ryan Baue

We purchased our first home in spring of 2017. We were having weed issues, primarily crabgrass and various other weeds. After several chemical applications from Quality Care the crabgrass beneath our deck was dying and the yard looked fuller in a summer where it was pretty dry/hot. The applications are similar in cost to going and buying the chemicals yourself and doing it yourself. To me, it is worth it and would recommend Quality Care.


I have had several different lawn care companies over the years with many problems in burning my grass to constantly needing to recall for weed control. I am happy to say that I have found my forever lawn service with Quality Care. The lawn service has been amazing as well as their customer service. Thanks Quality Care!

Brenda Wright

Quality Care is the perfect name for this business. They do quality work and care. I have over two acres that they do the weed control for so much less than my previous company. I know my yard is in good hands.

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