What are grubs and is grub control needed on a yearly basis?

Grubs are the larval stage in the life cycle of a beetle. Damage occurs when the grubs feed on the root system of the turf grass, causing the grass to die. A preventive grub control applied yearly will protect your investment in your lawn from the damage these insects cause.

What is Perimeter Pest Control?

Perimeter Pest Control is a liquid insecticide product applied around the exterior foundation of the building, sprayed about three feet up and three feet out from the foundation to prevent common pests from entering your home.

What kinds of pests does Perimeter Pest Control target?

Our Perimeter Pest Control will prevent crawling bugs outside from entering the building, including ants and spiders.

How long does a Perimeter Pest Control application last?

Perimeter pest applications have a long residual effect, letting us cover the entire season from April to October with just four rounds!

Is the Perimeter Pest Control harmful to my foundation plantings, people or pets?

No. Our product is safe to spray over ornamentals and flowers. Additionally, the product is not harmful to people or pets.

What are moles?

Moles are small, cylindrical mammals with dark fur, a pointed nose, and tiny or invisible eyes and ears; active mole runs can be seen where the turf is raised slightly. Inactive runs can be seen where the turf is depressed slightly. Moles primarily feed on earthworms, but also feed on tiny lawn insects like grubs.

I am getting some mole activity in my yard. Does that mean I have grubs?

Possibly, but not necessarily. Moles feed primarily on small lawn insects like earthworms, but grubs will do in a pinch. It’s important to determine if one is prevalent without the other so you can choose the best treatment option to rid your lawn of moles while maintaining important insect populations that add the overall health of the lawn.

Can you get rid of moles?

We place poisonous baits that look similar to an earthworm in active mole runs. We place one bait every ten feet. Our baits will kill moles that eat them. If you are interested in a non-lethal approach, you can call your county’s extension office to obtain more information about trapping. We will not sell mole control to customers with dogs (or little people!) that dig, as they can dig up the baits and ingest them.

What is the Emerald Ash Borer?

The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive species of beetle, green in color, which was discovered in the US in 2002, and likely arrived from its native Asia via wood cargo.

Why do I need to protect my trees and shrubs against the Emerald Ash Borer?

The beetle larvae bore into the ash tree bark and feed on the inner bark of the tree, disrupting the tree’s ability to transport vital water and nutrients. Larvae cause extensive damage within a short amount of time, which usually means that by the time the tree begins to show visible signs of infestation, it is too late to save. About 90% of the Emerald Ash Borer’s life cycle occurs inside the tree, making them difficult to identify.

When can I schedule an Emerald Ash Borer treatment?

Treatments ideally should be done in mid to late spring, but can still be very effective later into the growing season as long as the tree is still transpiring.

How long does a Mosquito Guard or Flea/Tick treatment last once applied?

Flea and tick treatments last up to 90 days and are applied twice a year, roughly in April and July.

The Mosquito Guard Treatment is applied three times a year and lasts up to 60 days.

How long after my Mosquito Guard or Flea & Tick treatment can I allow my pets or kids to be outside?

We strongly recommend waiting until the product has fully dried after an application before allowing your pets or children to be on the turf. Typically it will take between 3-5 hours for the product to have fully dried.

When is it most beneficial to receive a Mosquito Guard or Flea & Tick treatment?

We recommend having both of these treatments between April and August each year.

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