Spring Has Sprung

Spring CU

Now that the snow has melted, here are some tips to help your lawn and landscape recover from a long winter and to have a healthy spring and summer. We’re happy to offer these services and more as part of our Spring Clean-Up!


Leaf Cleanup

If you didn’t have a chance to clean up your leaves in the fall, or your old pin oak is just now dropping its leaves, it’s crucial for the health of your lawn to remove that debris now. Wet, matted leaves can leave dead spots in your lawn, creating an opportunity for weed seeds to germinate. Also, the act of raking your lawn allows sun and air to reach the crowns of grass plants, encouraging new, healthy growth. Grass that has been buried under deep snow, especially drifted areas, is vulnerable to snow mold, which can kill areas of your turf. Simply raking your lawn to stand the grass up and allow it to “breathe” is the best antidote to snow mold.




Tine Raking

For large areas of snow-flattened turf, or areas with excessive thatch accumulation, a tine rake mounted to a mower with a bagging attachment can revitalize struggling lawns. Excessive thatch accumulation usually occurs in lawns where large amounts of grass clippings have been left after infrequent mowing, in quantities that can’t be broken down by natural processes. Removing thatch in these circumstances will encourage grass plants to grow stronger and healthier, and to spread out into bare areas. Tine raking, like hand raking smaller areas, is also the best defense against snow mold. We offer a tine rake, mow and bag service to remove the thatching debris from your lawn.



Cut Down Perennials

Trimming perennial plants to their die-back point, usually at ground level, gives your garden a tidy appearance, and allows plants to thrive in the warmth of the early spring sun. Removing last year’s plant debris can also help to mitigate any fungus, disease, and insects that may have been present. Want to do right by your perennials with a professional touch? We can make it part of your Spring Clean-Up!


mulch trees

Mulch Installation, Bulk Pick-Up and Delivery

We always tout the benefits of mulching your trees and landscaping beds, but in spring you can take advantage of the moisture, protection, nutrients and natural weed barrier that mulch provides before the weather heats up. We’re proud to be your source of high-quality hardwood mulch at a bulk rate, for installation, delivery, or pick-up at our office in Coralville.



Questions? Your local professionals at Quality Care, the Nature Care Company in the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City areas are happy to help! 

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 [Revised 3/2016 from original post 3/2015]

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