Stump Removal

Hello Friends!

We begin 2021 with conditions outside looking very much like…January!  The snow cover can’t stop us though, and we are still keeping busy working around snow events grinding stumps, and pruning trees and shrubs

If you need stumps removed, call us at 319-354-3108.


Stump Grinding

One lingering reminder of 2020 is a large number of stumps from all the downed trees following the August Derecho.  Our crews have been busy grinding out stumps since shortly after the storm, and we still have the capacity to help with yours.  We are, in most cases, able to do this regardless of snow cover, so let us know if we can help.


Winter/Dormant Pruning

Winter is a great time to prune deciduous trees and shrubs, especially recently planted trees (0-5 years).  There are 5 steps in the process of training young trees to grow into strong, healthy, structurally sound mature trees. 

  1. Remove dead, dying, or broken branches. 
  2. Choose a dominant leader (main trunk), which is the strongest and straightest stem.  
  3. Choose the lowest permanent branches, which depends on the location and function of the tree. 
  4. Select scaffold branches, to provide proper branch spacing, and to identify strongly attached branches.  
  5. Identify temporary branches, usually below the lowest permanent branches, to continue to feed the young tree and to develop a good trunk taper toward the lower part of the trunk.


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